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Breaking Bad 10th Anniversary Bar Set

This limited edition bar set celebrates the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad.

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This limited edition bar set celebrates the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad. This bar set, modeled after pieces you would find in a chemistry lab (or an RV), includes 2 beaker-shot glasses, 2 rocks beaker glasses, 1 beaker jigger, 1 stirrer, 1 stainless steel shaker and 4 blue lited ice cubes. The shot glasses, mimicking tiny beakers from a lab, are a mismatched set. One features the show's title on the side with the elements showcased as well. The second one has "I Did It For Me" in the same style but with a blue box around the chemical element. The rocks beaker glasses are mismatched as well. One features the element of Br and the other features Ba. They both have handles for drinking the perfect concoction out of. The beaker jigger showcases the Breaking Bad title at the top. In the bottom corner, Walter White's face is inside of a volumetric flask. The shaker is made of stainless steel, giving it a sophisticated look but also making it easy to clean. On the outside of the shaker, there is an outline of Walter's face inside of a volumetric flask. The show's title is below it. This set is very limited so make sure to pick up two - one for entertaining guests and one for your Breaking Bad collection. It is recommended that these pieces be hand washed to increase the longevity of the set.

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