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Breaking Bad Threezero Heisenberg & Jesse In Hazmat Suit 2-Pack Figure Set

Walt and Jesse are suited up and ready to cook in these extraordinarily detailed 1/6 scale action figures inspired by Breaking Bad. Please note that this is a limited-edition preorder that will ship between April and June, 2017. Includes numerous extras, see below for full details!




Let's get cooking! Walt and Jesse have their protective suits, gloves, gas masks, and tools, and they're ready to get to work! These incredibly detailed 1/6 scale limited-edition hig-end action figures depict the Breaking Bad stars as they appeared on the hit TV show, in the midst of their meth-dealing misadventures. The two-pack comes with alternate hands for each figure, as well as gas masks and a table full of tools for all their criminal chemical concoctions. Science awaits!

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